Video Production Studios in Perth

Video content is King! Using our Magic Video production studios in Perth you will get the full royal treatment.

Not only do we have a  large purpose built and recently refurbished chromakey studio we also have two professional voice over recording studios as well. 

With recent improvements in overall internet speeds and mobile technology, website videos are more effective at engaging potential customers than ever. 


Did you know that a video on your home page will attract 40% more clicks than text alone?

Social media post engagement and click through rate improves by up 80% over text alone!


If a picture can say a thousand words then videos can say millions.

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Website conversions and user engagement are what all businesses should strive for. Most websites have the necessary text and image-based content that drives up their rankings in search engines, but one aspect of content that is often overlooked is video.

Video is a great way to communicate your key unique selling points as a company and entice viewers to engage with your business. Using online video marketing effectively is key to a successful online marketing strategy. Surprisingly, the second largest search engine right behind Google is actually YouTube. At the moment, more than 48 hours of video content is being uploaded every minute to YouTube. Did you know  that YouTube videos are 50 times more likely to rank at the top of Google’s first page search results?

Because of the relationship between Google and YouTube, video is now a must have feature for online marketing. It is one of the most influential factors in search results owing to the rise in use and popularity of online video services such as YouTube. Videos add user ‘stickiness’ to your website and gives your business a better professional look and feel.

We have brand new large purpose built Chromakey, audio and video production studios in Perth. We can assist, direct, film and edit your next video production.  

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